New launch – Eazi Candle!


Create and Craft, the Original and Multi-Award Winning TV Craft Channel, are delighted to announce the launch of Eazi Candle.


 Annie Maulding, Co-owner and founder – On a Wick & a Prayer, commenting said: “On a Wick & a Prayer are excited to be launching with Create and Craft our brand new product for 2019. Eazi Candle is an innovative, patented home candle making system. Developed by On a Wick & a Prayer who have been Derbyshire’s premier Candle Makers for nearly 25 years.


On a Wick & a Prayer have been refilling their own customers candles for many years. We thought that there should be an easy way for people to refill used candles as well as making new ones without investing in specialist candle making equipment. And so we created Eazi Candle!


You can now recycle all your favourite empty candle containers and bring them back to life as well as creating new ones. Eazi Candle is self-contained, and needs no other equipment. There is nothing to clean up and you just pop your used Eazi Candle components in your recycling bin. It’s that easy!”


Customers can now make their own unique candles at home using Eazi Candle. Eazi Candle is a patented product created by candle makers On a Wick & a Prayer as an ‘Eazi’ way to make candles. The kit contains everything customers need to make use of old candle containers and upcycle them into new unique candles. Customers can also choose from a different range of fragrances and colours to use to enhance their candles and create the perfect ambience.


 With UK search trends for Candle Making hitting a two year peak in December 2018* and continuing to grow into 2019, this type of innovative product shows huge potential for tapping into current consumer demand, which is an extremely exciting proposition for both Create and Craft and On a Wick & a Prayer


 Emma Wrath, Junior Buyer - Craft Retail, commenting said: “Create and Craft are extremely excited to be launching a new and exclusive range of candle kits to our customers. These kits allow you to use and recycle all your favourite containers, perfects for gifts! This fully recyclable product is unique and bound to be a hit!”