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The team behind the dream – Anna Weeden, Creative Services Manager for Create and Craft


30 seconds in the hot seat this morning with Anna Weeden, Creative Services Manager for Create and Craft


How long have you worked at Create and Craft? – Just over 10 years!


Sum up your job in 3 words? –We create Content


What makes you excited to come to work in the mornings? – No day is ever the same! I oversee the photography team, graphic designers, promo producers, editors and creative developers, a wonderful creative bunch!


What’s the most challenging element of you role? – Staying up to date with all the new techniques and products, and making enough content for the demo hungry crafters!


What’s the most rewarding part of your job? – I love launching new products, my teams get to spend time with them and learn how they work, then we bring them to life. I also love a good event, our August Bank Holiday Blockbuster event is coming up and we have had a LOT of fun making the adverts and content for this (tease…think famous movie scenes with crafty presenters and guests)


What’s your favourite animal? Easy, Elephant!