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A Home Shopping Network for Millennials Is Coming From the Founder of ComplexCon


ComplexCon and Agenda trade show founder Aaron Levant has been appointed as CEO of a new venture dubbed NTWRK, a new content, commerce and experience company that’s centered on e-commerce sales, hosted by celebrities, musicians and pop culture figures, along with a secondary division dedicated to experiences including pop-up theme parks, reports The Hollywood Reporter.


Levant hopes to create the next wave of video commerce. “Like Home Shopping Network, but what the Gen Z, millennial, mobile-first version of that looks like with highly curated taste and access to big personalities,” he explained.


This new platform is planning to launch two short-format shows in the first year, to air between three and five days a week, with the first show dedicated to shopping, in conjunction with “top brands in fashion, tech, sneakers, toys and collectibles,” while the second will be a late-night talk show that’s shoppable. “It’s the perfect way to bring brands and talent together to create storytelling,” he said.


Furthermore, Levant sees that a strong collaboration can be achieved with Hollywood. “Beyond this being an interesting way to create content for consumer products, the exciting part is how we can create content for entertainment studios, support the launch of video games, big album releases, TV shows or films,” he said.


NTWRK is scheduled to officially launch later this year, as the venture is backed by Warner Bros. Digital Networks and MSA Enterprises, whose investors include Jimmy Iovine, LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more.


For the full story, head on over to The Hollywood Reporter.